Tuesday, December 23, 2008

its bad, and not worth reading

as fast as the ligtning strikes, thats how fast our life goes on. day in, day out, and you realize that everything surrounds you have now changed into something/someone you could barely recognize. oh please don't change. i miss those days, those smells, those faces.

i remember an oldfolk who says [truth: i read it in a novel tho~] "the longer you are with someone, the more you don't know about him/her". in most days, i couldn't help myself but to tell its such a blatant lie. but, in days when i choose to look upon the world deeper than my barenaked eyes, well, i guess that oldfolk is damn right.
talking about arissa, yep. Diang Nur Arissa. arissa is a lovely jewel in our life and she has now turns into one gorgeous and oh-i-love-that-smell baby. ultimately rare and unpolished, she will definitely be into someone great in life. Amen.

and its arissa again. below are things she's good at right now, apart from "menangis", "muntah", "berak" and "kencing": -

"mengeliat" [dengan berianya]
"menguap" [dengan bersungguh-sungguhnya]
"batuk" [dengan kuatnya]
"sendawa" [dengan puasnya]
"kentut" [dengan selambanya]
"senyum [dengan manisnya]
"membaca" [dengan khusyuknya]
"mengira" [dengan tepatnya]
"melompat" [dengan girangnya]
"berlari" [dengan lajunya]
"menari" [dengan sehati berdansanya]

please believe in all the above. [haha]

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

a serie of very fortunate events!

14 December 2008;
yay! arissa dah tanggal tali pusat.

15 December 2008;
yay! arissa dah discharge jaundice!
wah! arissa dah 3.7 kg!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

tidur sayang

kau tersenyum
jejari halusmu
menggenggam rambutku
sinaran matamu
menusuk di kalbu
tak mungkin kumelupakan
sebegini pengalaman
lalu hatiku berkata
segala untukmu

bila besar nanti
biar tersendiri
benar pada janji
jangan lupakan Ilahi

petang tiba bahagia
tak mungkin sendirian
belumpun sempat rindu
ayah pulang
dibuai dalam mimpi
tidur sayang

- innuendo -

diang nur arissa

born on 6 december 2008
at 2.51 a.m.
weighing 3.34 kg

welcome to the world arissa.
we love you.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

this journey: a walk to remember

this is a journey called life. and its not always colorful and full of rainbows. there will be times when the rain pours and the lightning strikes. there will be times when the leaves drop and the water runs dry. its full of laughters and tears.
the moment finally arrives to mark the journey’s re-definition, new perspectives of looking at things, new ways of accepting those unwarranted, new methods of unraveling the true meaning of life.
as we hold our hands tight and close to our hearts, we submit, we pray and we hope , that all things come from the sky within and the earth beneath, are those, that will make us more thankful and closer to Him.
we welcome you, tiny little hands, to share this journey. be embraced with the warmth of love and care. may the white light shines along the rough path, guiding us, as we walk along this journey together, till the end of time.