Thursday, December 4, 2008

this journey: a walk to remember

this is a journey called life. and its not always colorful and full of rainbows. there will be times when the rain pours and the lightning strikes. there will be times when the leaves drop and the water runs dry. its full of laughters and tears.
the moment finally arrives to mark the journey’s re-definition, new perspectives of looking at things, new ways of accepting those unwarranted, new methods of unraveling the true meaning of life.
as we hold our hands tight and close to our hearts, we submit, we pray and we hope , that all things come from the sky within and the earth beneath, are those, that will make us more thankful and closer to Him.
we welcome you, tiny little hands, to share this journey. be embraced with the warmth of love and care. may the white light shines along the rough path, guiding us, as we walk along this journey together, till the end of time.


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