Saturday, June 27, 2009

those words best left unspoken


as the last person walks away from my tomb... i recounts ::

the dust is now my bed, embracing and covering
the sand surrounds and engulfing from all directions
and the tomb recounts the story of the darkness of the calamity
and the light has destined that my pleasure is in meeting Allah

where is the kindness of kin?
where are the scores of friends?
where is the bliss of money?
where are the glory of fame and compliments?

the beloved bade farewell to his love and cried my elegy
the tears flow dried out after crying
the vast universe shrank narrowing my space
and the tomb becomes both my ground and sky

fear overwhelms my estrangement
and sadness is my ailment
praying for steadfastness which i swear - is my remedy
sincerely supplicating to the Lord: You are my hope
hoping for heaven - where my bliss shall be attained

this is my end: and the dust is my bed

Farshy Al Turab :: Mishary Al- Arada

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ASaL said...

salam, thanks for leaving comment at my blog. Hopefully I can find colors of paradise soon.